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Working with The Garden Editor

"Creative. Supportive. Passionate."

I love helping to solve people's gardening conundrums. See what my satisfied customers are saying and get in touch with me today. More reviews are available on my Facebook Page, and on Google

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After being let down by 3 other garden designers over the last 2/3 years, I saw Claire had started up as "The Garden Editor" and decided to drop her a message to see if she might be able to help. She was game - despite the jungle warning! So just over a week later she came round and had a good old root round.....and her fearless attitude, endless energy, enthusiasm and sheer joy at getting into the thick of it and thinking how we could transform it were ABSOLUTELY AMAZING and just what we needed to finally open our eyes and see the potential in it again.

Steph, Whitchurch

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We were thrilled with the service we received from The Garden Editor. Very knowledgeable and helpful!

Jennie, Overton

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I really enjoyed my rose pruning session with Claire. Even though it was freezing cold, the session flew by. Having approx 14  different roses to prune, it has always felt a chore. The last few years we have read books and watched YouTube, to learn and understand how to prune roses properly! But our roses don't look like the ones on YouTube, and we've never felt confident that we were doing it right, or the best way, to achieve a lovely flowering rose bush in the summer.

Claire explained the best way to approach the task, what to look for, explaining, and answering questions clearly, while demonstrating and pruning along side each other. Claire was very hands on during the session, so after the session I was left with only three rose bushes to prune. It felt so good approaching these on my own, with knowledge of what to do now, and confidence for years to come. Thanks so much!

Anne, Popham

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I very much enjoyed the whole process. Using Zoom meant that I was able to walk Claire around my garden and chat about it all. Claire's enthusiasm and love of gardening were infectious. Her skilful questioning drew out of me all kinds of thoughts about my garden that I hadn't even realised I had. I'm no gardener myself and it was great to talk to someone who knows about plants and design, and could turn my vague ideas into a proper plan. Can't wait for spring to see how it all looks!

Josie, online

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Just finished a project to bring to life a bed which was previously in the shade and largely full of green bushes!

Claire was a delight to deal with. Creative. Supportive. Passionate. Definitely went the extra mile. I especially loved the shared approach to the ‘doing’ part.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Claire to anyone for any project. Big or small!

Mel, Overton

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