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Garden Jargon: Your Free Guide

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The Garden Editor's Guide to Garden Jargon

What type of soil do I have? What does pricking out mean? What links teenagers moving out with hardening off? 

This download will give you a free, no-nonsense guide to the words that confound, confuse and are downright comedy.

Just click here to download it. Save to your phone, screenshot it or print it.

Message me with any queries or suggestions for more words!

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Editor's Notes: Resources and Tips

What is a climate resilient plant?

This is based on an article I wrote for Hardy's Cottage Garden Plants Newsletter, reproduced with kind permission. A lot of the work I do...

Gardening when it's hot and dry

I don't know about where you live, but here May and June have been very dry and increasingly warm in Hampshire. We don't have a hosepipe...

Of winter losses, and spring hopes

A key theme I've picked up from clients and chatting to customers at Hardy's Cottage Garden Plants is of loss over the winter - scores of...

Low cost, sustainable gardening

With a cost-of-living crisis and a climate emergency it can feel like gardening is just an expensive hobby that has to be parked. You...

An introduction to colour all year round

“I want a low maintenance, all year round colourful garden” is the cry I often hear. The question I have is – how low maintenance do you...

Free low-mess low-faff compost

Create a leaf library I don’t know if I am just paying more attention this year, but the autumn leaf colours seem particularly vivid....

Dancing into autumn with dahlias

Autumn can feel like the beginning of the end of the gardening year. But there’s still lots to enjoy in the soft autumn light that can...

Moving plants around

Getting more for nothing You may have heard of “fast fashion” - buying cheap clothes on a whim which look good for a moment or two and...

Gardening without the plastic

Gardening without the plastic Gardening without plastic. Sounds easy to do but it’s actually very hard to achieve in practice!...

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