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So how does it work?

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: Resume

I have never heard of Garden Editing. What is it?

That's because I made the term up! You can see more about my philosophy here. Think of editing as bridging the gap between high-end garden design and maintenance gardening. Bored of your space? What to ask some advice but lacking in confidence or a family friend to ask? That's where I can help.

What happens during an Editing session?

The session will take up to an hour. I'll turn up, look at your space, take some pictures and get to work! If you are comfortable, I'd like to see your garden from inside your home too and will bring house shoes to facilitate this. This is because we spend a lot of the year inside our homes looking out at our garden, and there’s all sorts of tips and tricks to “borrow” your indoor vistas for the outside, and vice versa.

We will do a tour round the garden, focussing on what you want out of it. As we go, I will ask questions to get a sense of what's going to fit with your lifestyle. Of course please ask any and all questions in turn. I'll give advice and answer questions as we go along. And the end, I’ll wrap up with advice for specific areas.

I've you've booked the Full Edit, don't worry, you don't have to remember all I've said!

What happens after an Edit session?

If you've booked a Full Edit, within a week, you’ll have a personalised, written report emailed to you. This contains a summary of all the advice recorded in writing, with hyperlinks to websites, youtube demos, accompanied with photos to give you some visual guides. It's designed to work on mobiles, on laptops and on computers. If there's a particular format you need for accessibility reasons, just ask as I'm only too happy to help.

What's a Spring Bulb Edit?

When you compare the cost of bulbs to a posh outfit or a night out, bulbs win hands down on value per use, especially when viewed from a kitchen window in the depths of winter.  I can help you avoid expensive mistakes from just ordering random things off the internet. I come round, we discuss your needs, I design a bulb mix for you, then source it using trusted suppliers. I then provide free delivery to your door in Autumn for you to plant out.

Do you recommend particular products or nurseries?

I have trade accounts with local excellent nurseries, so if there are particular plants I think would work in your space I can source them directly for you. But the links to shops and websites are just by way of example; I don't receive special offers or payment for products I link to. If I really recommend something specific, it's because I personally rate it and have used it in the past.

Do I have to tidy up or do anything in advance?

Absolutely not. Please do not even begin to be tempted to clean or tidy up, inside or out.

I’m ill / my child is sick / the dog has eaten my chocolate. Can I reschedule?

Sure.  All I ask is for 24hr notice in a non-emergency situation to rearrange. In an emergency, I’m happy to reschedule at shorter notice. If you want to cancel without rebooking there will be a fee to pay.
Note - gardeners work in all weathers, so barring abnormal weather conditions, I'll be turning up even if it's raining or hailing!

Can you mow my lawn for me?

I'd love to, but no. There are excellent maintenance gardeners in the area who are far more cost effective than me for this.

Is there a deposit to pay?

No, but I'll attach my invoice to the written report for payment afterwards.

Do you offer virtual Editing?

Not yet, but I am actively working on it ! Drop me an email or text if you want to be included in the waitlist. 

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