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Latest Episodes

I'm delighted to be the resident gardener for Basingstoke Community Radio, a charity-run radio station broadcasting round the UK and the planet. Every two weeks on Tuesday at 10am Dave and I sit down for a 20 minute chat about the latest gardening tips, advice and ideas. You can listen live at the website, or browse the catalogue below to download and listen at your leisure. 


Pond life - 28 May

The whys and wherefores of making a pond in your garden - no matter how small. How to create it sustainably, what to plant and how to tackle that algae which can dominate.

IMG_20230615_160604 (1).jpg

Sustainable Slug Management - 14 May

A warm wet spring has brought all the slugs out in force. But can we rethink our relationship with them, and what are the sustainable methods of accommodating them in our gardens alongisde prize dahlias? Listen here to find out.

Claire - The Garden Editor - low res-1.jpg

Spring gardening Q&A - 30 April

Can I plant tomatoes and peppers together? Is there science behind talking to plants? What do I do with daffodil bulbs and is there any use for eggshells in the garden? Join Dave & I as I we tackle these questions and more.


Sowing seeds of love - 16 April

Daring to sow seeds is one of the greatest expressions of hope I can think of. Join me on the radio as I talk about what to sow now, how to nurture your seedlings and what to do if you have limited outside space.


Words on plant labels - 2nd April

What do all those words on plant labels mean? Decipher the phrases and make life easy to shop for plants, whether online or in person.


Garden overwhelm - 5th March

Does the thought of spring bring feelings of despondency or overwhelm? Listen to my top tips on getting on top of your garden, step by pragmatic, practical step.


Winter Pruning Q&A - 20th February

Join Dave and I as we whirlwind through your questions on winter pruning of roses, wisteria, apple trees and more.


An introduction to pruning - 5th February

Pruning can be terrifying. Let's take it right back to the basics with our intro to pruning session. I share how to clean your tools and my top 4 rules to help demystify and de-bamboozle.

Gardening Tools

Winter work in the garden - 23rd January

Wondering what to do in the winter months in your garden? There's plenty to do, but equally plenty of time to sip a hot drink indoors and plan.


Gardening for Birds - 9 January

Why do we want birds in our garden? How can we encourage them? But what about squirrels and pigeons? Listen to Dave and I chat through all these birdy conundrums ahead of the RSPB great bird count later this month.


Christmas Presents - 28th November

Gardening presents for gardeners that really work. Listen in for my top 5 gifts from stocking fillers to postables.

Image by Blake Wheeler

New builds - 14th November

New build gardens have some tough challenges like being overlooked, poor compacted soil, and patchy lawn growth. Listen in for my top tips on overcoming these common headaches.

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Question Session - 31st October

This week we had a gardener's question time session - all about wisteria, shady rockeries, late lavender pruning, rose care and shady climbers. Listen to find out how I answered these conundrums.


First frosts - 17th October

The first frosts are here! Find out what to protect from the plummeting temperatures and what to do. Plus, your queries about lawn cutting and bulb planting answered.

IMG_20221028_155605 (1).jpg

Glorious grasses - 3rd October

Not the lawn type, nor the pampas type. Find out what types of grasses to add to your borders to add interest, drama and movement - all for very little effort.


Spring bulbs - 19th September

Spring bulbs already? What to buy, how to plant, and where to plant these pocket rockets.


Love for Lavender - 5th September

Make the most out of your lavender with these timely tips on pruning and care.


Climate-resilient plants - 22nd August

What are my top-rated resilient plants for our climate now, and in the future? Listen here to find out.


How to deadhead, chop back and rejuvenate flowering plants - 9th July

Keep your perennial plants looking tip-top all summer long with these tips on maintaining your flowering blooms.

Roasted Almonds

Seed sowing at mid-summer -  26th June

What to sow now for tasty treats this year, and how to smugly get some flowers started for next year.


Using water sustainably - 11th June

How and when to use water in the garden, ideas for water saving, and how to sustainably garden in times of drought.

Grass Strip

Luscious lawns? - 9th May

Lusting after a good lawn? Intrigued by No Mow May? Listen to find out more about our lawns, and how to care for them.

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Shopping for plants - 24th April

Panic-buying plants? Overwhelmed by garden centres? Here's my guide to how to buy value for money, sustainable and good quality plants.

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