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Garden Editor Planting Design

How does it work?

Here's a quick step-by-step guide to how the Editing process works for planting design.

You're up for it? Just ping me an email


Yes, I'd like a border design! What happens now?

I ping you a short questionnaire, and then we meet to discuss either in person or via zoom. This is a free, no-obligation chat to see if we are a good match.

I follow up with the paperwork, and my fees for working on the project. I work on a fixed hourly rate for design work, plus costs. If you have a fixed idea of budget, we incorporate that into the planting plan.

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I get designing

After you've signed the paperwork, there's work for me and perhaps for you. You do any homework like soil analysis or sending through dimensions or photos. There might be landscaping to do - for instance hard landscaping, or digging out borders. 

I design your patch taking into account what you’ve told me. I share a plant list this with you along with an excel table of your plants. This may be accompanied by a rough sketch of what goes where. Please note this is not a work of art and not worthy of the Tate! So it does involve a degree of trust in my skills and experiences. 

Outdoors Meeting

We discuss the design

We meet in person or via zoom to talk through the design. We update each other on timescales and any other dependencies like hard landscaping or digging out. I tweak and make any changes needed. We then schedule in a timeframe for planting.

Plant Store

I gather plants and supplies

I then get quotes for the plants. This will tell us what the plants cost and also if they are available. I prefer to source from only a couple of suppliers so that it reduces transportation costs and transport emissions. If plants aren’t available you have a choice -either I can source a close alternative, or we wait for them to be available.

When you're happy with the quotes, I place an order. Depending on costs, I'll invoice you up front for these. 


We get planting

We set a planting day! I'd love it if you're able to take time out of your schedule to co-plant. You get to know your plants and ask all the questions. 

If your schedule or circumstances don't permit that - don't worry. I'll share pictures so you don't miss out on the fun. 

I strive to minimise the negative environmental impact from my work. So if feasible I'll take away any plastic pots for reusing, recycling or returning to my suppliers.



I follow up with a video walk through of your new patch, a finalised plant list and a maintenance plan. This is an excel spreadsheet which shows you what will be in flower when, and giving one or two key tasks per plant per year.

I also offer a complimentary walk-through and check of your garden after planting up. Typically this is 6 – 8 weeks after your planting day. You can ask questions, we can check on the plant health and I can advise on any further follow up.

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